The Be Brave Ranch by Ray LaBonte and Family is a treatment centre focused solely to help children who have been sexually abused, as well as their families. The Be Brave Ranch program (supported by Little Warriors) offers these children a place to heal and increase their chances of growing into healthy adults. Clinical supports are offered to children and their families for one full year.


To provide a safe and secure place of treatment and healing, aimed at the mind, body, heart and spirit of child victims and their families.


  • To provide children who have experienced the horror of sexual abuse a safe place to heal
  • To provide families affected by child sexual abuse a place to deal with their emotions, grief, guilt and profound anger so they are able to support their children
  • To provide those in relationships with sexual abuse survivors, a place to learn about symptoms, prevention and how to understand the long lasting effects

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The Be Brave Ranch offers an evidence-based treatment program that combines multiple proven therapies for children ages 8-12. It starts with an initial 28-day stay at the ranch, during which time children form close relationships with other members of their peer-group (“cohort”). Each cohort consists of a maximum of eight children. Throughout the year, children return to the Be Brave Ranch for three additional 14-day stays in order to continue their face-to-face therapy and reconnect in person with their cohort.

Throughout the year-long program, we offer more than 200 hours of multimodal therapy for children and their families run by clinical professionals including:

  • Trauma focused-cognitive behavioural therapy (TF-CBT)
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Recreational activities
  • Peer group (cohort) support

Therapy is provided in an enriched “camp-like” environment where children also have lots of fun! Being in cohorts helps each child recognize they are not alone, and connects them peers who have experienced similar traumas. The children form long-term relationships with deep bonds that help to facilitate the child’s healing process.

Child abuse affects the whole family so our program uses a family-centered approach, providing ongoing clinical support to parents/guardians. Parents also frequently visit the ranch and stay overnight and are in touch with their child on a daily basis while the child is in residence. The Be Brave Ranch provides a safe environment for the child and their family to heal.

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